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A Piece of Paradise
As the weather starts to get warmer, you may find yourself thinking about all the time you’ll get to spend in the great outdoors this spring. The spring is a time when many homeowners take pride in their home’s outward appearance and begin gardening or landscaping. A Piece of Paradise can make your backyard feel like a remote, tranquil getaway.
A Piece of Paradise constructs water gardens, waterfalls, and fish ponds for your backyard. They also specialize in landscape lighting and natures swimming hole. If you’re looking to transform your backyard into a serene garden, Dave San Antonio, owner and designer of a Piece of Paradise, will create an individualized proposal for your project which will detail the necessary equipment and manpower to complete your project. You can then decide whether to utilize Dave’s professional crew to complete your project or, you can opt to do it yourself. For the experience home-improvement do-it-yourselfers, The Pond Shop offers a selection of ideas and supplies to help you install your own water garden or pond.
You may love the idea of installing a fish pond or waterfall, but the idea of maintaining it is holding you back. One great things about A Piece of Paradise is that they make it easy to maintain your water garden or pond after it’s installed through seminars which teach customers how to maintain and care for their water garden or pond in a hands on environment.
If you enjoy gardening or simply love spending time outside, A Piece of Paradise can help you create the perfect environment for your green thumb.

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