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Feng ShuiYou may have heard of feng shui, the ancient Chinese art of creating harmony in your environment. In its most basic form, feng shui is grounded in the principle that your external environment impacts your internal self. The goal of feng shui is to support the flow of energy in your home and promote balance in your life. Here are 5 tips to help you master the basics of feng shui when you decorate your home.

Color Impacts Your Overall Mood

When you’re deciding on a color scheme for the various rooms in your house, consider what you will be doing and how you would like to feel in each room. Every color evokes a certain emotion that will impact you, whether you’re conscious of it or not. Your bedroom, for example, should promote relaxation and tranquility- which means you may not want to paint the walls bright yellow. Instead try a pale blue or teal and save more invigorating colors, such as red, yellow, or brighter greens, for rooms where you will be entertaining guests, such as the living room, kitchen, or dining room.

Everything Has a Proper Place

The way you arrange furniture and objects in a room has a large impact on the flow of energy. In your living room, for example, you want to create an intimate seating plan that invites people in. However, avoid having the seating too close together, which can stimulate a cluttered feeling. Having a table or stool to rest a book, plate, or drink near every seat will help set the proper atmosphere in your living room. The living room is a place to enjoy time with friends and family and you want your floor plan to reflect that.

Balance Without Promotes Balance Within

Feng shui rests on the principles of yin and yang, which is a Chinese philosophy that explains how contradictory forces are actually complementary and promote balance. You can create striking contrasts in your home by pairing soft, curved furniture, with more structured, geometric pieces. For example, in your bedroom you might place your mattress on a sturdy wooden bed frame and top it with soft, cushy bedding.

Safety First

You should feel safe in your own home and the way you decorate could determine how secure you feel in each room of your house. You can foster a safe atmosphere by placing sofas and chairs against the wall (when possible). The idea is that when you sit, you should not be concerned with what is behind you.
Step into the Light
It’s important to circulate light in every room. Dark spots or corners will elicit feelings of neglect and stifle the flow of energy. You can use mirrors, crystals, or other reflective materials to help recirculate and enhance natural light.
Embrace Your Surroundings
Utilizing the ideologies of feng shui when you decorate your home will help you make the most of every room in your home. Paying attention to and adjusting small details, such as the placement of your couch, can make a big difference in creating a more balanced, enjoyable environment.

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