How to Pet-Proof Your Home

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pet cat on couchYou love your pets, but sometimes they can wreak havoc on your home. As a pet owner, you may feel forced to accept that your couch will always be hairy or that your new headphones are actually a very tasty chew toy. It’s important to remember that you can still have a functional (and chic) home even if you have a pet. The following tips will help make it easier for you to live in (almost perfect) harmony with your pet.
Make sure everything has a home
When you have a pet, gone are the days of leaving your sneakers by the door or your new belt lying on your bed. Animals are curious by nature and if you leave your possessions unattended, you’re pretty much asking to have your shoe laces eaten. You can utilize a professional service, such as Shelf Genie, to keep your possessions organized and out of reach.
Choose the right colors and fabrics
If you can, try and decorate with colors and materials that will work with your pet. For instance, if you have a white dog, you may not want to invest in that black swede sofa. Instead, decorate your living room and other high-traffic areas of your home in white so that fur won’t be as noticeable on furniture. You should also consider carefully the fabric of your couch and other furniture. Choose a fabric without thread loops, such as velvet or micro-fiber, that your pet won’t be able to sink their nails into as easily.

Condition preferred behavior

Sometimes, no matter how many times you say “no,” your pets will skill climb on the kitchen counters or break open your garbage bags. There are two products which I’ve found to be helpful in preventing pets from continuing their annoying habits. SSSCat is a motion sensor spray that mists your kitty with repellant spray when they engage in any undesired activity. The repellant also works on other animals such as dogs, rabbits, etc. You might also try Sentry Stop That for dogs and cats, which uses noise and pheromone technology to prevent negative behavior.

Check your home for safety hazards

You have to think about your pet’s safety the same way you would think about your children’s. Loose wires or open vents can present a danger if pets are unsupervised. Space heaters are a perfect example of seemingly harmless gadgets that could present a real threat to your pets. If you’re a pet owner with a few drafty rooms in your home, I would recommend the Envi wall-mounted heater. The Envi heater rests on the wall of your home rather than the floor, which keeps your pets away from lose wires or unsafe temperatures.

Ensure your pets have proper toys

You’re probably baffled by the fact that your Frenchie loves to rip open your throw pillows or gnaw at your umbrella. You’ll never quite understand, so the easiest solution is to make sure your pets have a large quantity of chewable, pull-able toys. The availability of a scratching post may not completely stop your kitten from scratching up your sofa, but it will at least present him with another more appealing option.
It’s possible to own a pet without sacrificing your stylish living room or your cozy bedroom. Following these tips will help you coexist with your pets in a happier and safer environment.

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