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There’s nothing like diving into the crystal clear waters of an in-ground pool on a 90 degree day in July. As a kid, it’s likely that you’re the favorite “hang out” house was the one with a pool. Growing up, you may have been envious of your friends that had pools and looked forward to the day when you’d have your own home and your own pool.
Now that you have your own home and, theoretically, have the ability to have a pool of your own, you may be deterred by high installation and maintenance costs associated with in-ground pools. Soak Pools provides pool lovers with an affordable, customization alternative to the traditional in-ground pool.
The standard 7X13 Soake Pool is fully tiled with the tile style and color of your choice and features a Pentair salt water sanitation system and filter. The standard Soake pool also comes with LED pool lighting, an engineered and reinforced concrete shell, and a manual relief valve. Depending on the size and shape of your backyard, you can opt to install a larger or smaller Soake Pool.
You can also choose to further customize your Soake Pool with additional features such as a Penthair Heater, custom seats, and temperature control from your cell phone.
If you’re thinking about fulfilling your childhood dream of becoming a pool owner, consider installing a Soake Pool.

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