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white bathroomIn the world of fashion, white has become the new black. It’s clear from looking at the models who graced the runways of New York Fashion Week this month that head-to-toe white is going to be a spring trend yet again. You can borrow the all-white look from the runway and utilize it as you decorate your home. White is an extremely versatile color for decorating your bathroom that is compatible with every home decorating style from classic to modern. Here are some tips on how to achieve a sophisticated white color scheme in your bathroom.
Go for a Classic Vintage Look
White is a classic color, which lends it vintage inspired looks. Installing a white claw foot tub will give your bathroom a timeless appeal. A claw foot bathtub will become the centerpiece of your bathroom and it lends itself well to a variety of decorating styles. You can utilize subway tiles on the walls with vintage signs to achieve a cozy, artistic vibe. You can also take vintage style in a different direction and utilize sparkly white tile as a backdrop to your claw foot tub to give your bathroom a more sophisticated and elegant atmosphere. Including wooden accents in a bathroom featuring a vintage claw foot bathtub will produce the perfect rustic escape.
Add Pops of Color
Adding colorful details to a white bathroom will provide dramatic contrast and prevent your all-white bathroom from being visually bland or boring. You can utilize colored towels, pictures, or bath mats to create a visually stimulating environment. Adding color through the use of plants will give your white bathroom a delicate touch. You can also include black tiles, counter tops or accents- after all, there’s nothing more timeless than the classic pairing of black and white.
Make it Modern
You can put a modern spin on the all- white bathroom by pairing a white bathtub and white walls with grey marble countertops and tiles. The grey marble gives your bathroom contrast, but still allows you to maintain the sleek, clean environment that an all-white room provides. You can use subtle earth tones to achieve the same effect.

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