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With the holidays approaching, you are most likely spending a lot of time in kitchen. The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in the house and enjoying the time you spend there can elevate your culinary and dining experiences. If your kitchen cabinets are outdated, but you don’t want to spend the money to fully remodel your kitchen, Cabinet Cures can provide cabinet resurfacing and refinishing to give your kitchen a new look for less.
Cabinet Cures has over 30 years of experience in woodworking and remodeling and they specialize in resurfacing and refinishing cabinets to give your kitchen the makeover it needs. When you partner with Cabinet Cures to reface your cabinets, you work with an experienced kitchen designer to select the wood species, wood color, and face design for your new cabinets. Cabinet Cures does the rest, including removing and recycling your old cabinets!
In addition to being more cost effective, choosing to reface your cabinets rather than completely remodeling allows you to have full use of your kitchen and cabinets throughout the resurfacing process. Most resurfacing jobs performed by Cabinet Cures take 5 days or less.
If you aren’t ready for a completely new look, but feel that your current cabinets could you a touch up, cabinet refinishing is a great option. Refinishing is more than simply covering up your worn out cabinets. The team and Cabinet cures will strip, sand, and stain your cabinets by hand. You can create a customized look for your kitchen with over 36 stains, glazed, and tinted lacquers to choose from.
Whether you’re cooking or entertaining, you deserve to enjoy the time you spend in the kitchen. With Cabinet Cures, you can easily and affordably update your kitchen by resurfacing or refinishing your cabinets. Give your kitchen a new, modern feel in less than a week!
Cabinet Cures

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