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Most people have a lot of “stuff” and, no matter how old or out of style that “stuff” is, they often have trouble parting with it. For this reason, having ample closet space can significantly elevate the value and functionality of your home.
California Closet creates customized storage space for any room in your house. Whether you want to add more drawers and shelves to your closet, design a custom wardrobe, or maximize a small living area, California Closet has a solution.
California Closet offers two types of custom closets that can be designed to work in any home. The reach-in closet allows you to maximize the hidden space in your bedroom by increasing storage and improving the design of your current closet. The walk-in closet showcases your personal style in an organized, efficient way. They also design personal wardrobes, which can supplement your current closet, but still look clean and elegant.
Because many people’s storage needs go behind the bedroom closet or wardrobe, California Closet also specializes in creating storage in other rooms within your home, such as the living room, laundry room, garage, or even that under-used space beneath the staircase. Well-placed shelving and cabinets will increase the utility of every room of your house and keep stored items out of site, so your space never looks cluttered.
With California Closet you can stay organized and maintain easy access to all your clothing, accessories, and other items. Spend more time living and less time worrying about where to store your “stuff!”
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