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There’s nothing like relaxing in the warmth of your home on a cold winter night. However, like many homeowners and renters, you may have come to realize that heat is not equally distributed to all rooms in your home. So, if you’re not comfortable with the idea of adding and removing extra layers as you enter certain rooms in your house, you may consider purchasing a space heater.
Although they may help warm up a room, traditional space heaters present various problems for your home. If left running for an extended period of time, a traditional space heater will become hot to the touch, which is a hazard if you have pets or small children. Traditional space heaters usually contain a fan, which can aggravate allergies. Finally, perhaps the biggest problem with traditional space heaters, is that they fall short of warming up and entire room, which will cost you more money in the long run.
The Envi Wall Mounted Heater solves all these problems. The Envi Heater’s slim and sleek design ensure that it can easily be mounted on the wall of any room in your home and blend in with your home décor. Furthermore, the Envi heater is cool to the touch, so you can let it run without worrying about endangering pets or children.
The Envi Heater also functions differently than traditional space heaters. Instead of utilizing a fan, which can blow dust around the room and worsen allergies, the Envi Heater contains dual-stack convection technology which pulls cold air from the room and pushes hot air out, making it the perfect heater to warm up a drafty bedroom.
What I consider to be on the best features of the Envi Heater is that it efficiently, economically, and silently heats an entire room, which keeps you warm and saves you money. When you purchase an Envi Hater, it comes with everything you need to mount it on any wall in your home. So, if you need some extra warmth this winter, try the Envi Heater!
Check out this video to see the Envi Wall Mounted Heater in action!
Envi Heater

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