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The Holiday season is upon us and, if you’re hosting a holiday party or dinner, you probably haven’t had time to think of the little details, like setting the dining room table. Festive place settings and centerpieces can set a theme for your holiday dinner. Whether you’re hosting an upscale dinner party or a whimsical holiday celebration, try these tips to create your own holiday-themed centerpieces.

Your Color Scheme is the Most Important Thing

Before you dive into creating your centerpiece, first decide on your color scheme- it will set the tone for your entire event. Will you go with classic red and green, or are you looking to add some glitz and sophistication by adding a touch of silver of gold? Deciding on your color scheme first will help determine the type of centerpiece you should make.
Use Holiday Ornaments
The easiest way to make a fun and classy holiday centerpiece is to purchase a clear, glass vase and an assortment of Christmas balls. Simply pile the ornaments in the vase, and you have a holiday centerpiece. Tie a red or gold ribbon around the vase to give the centerpiece a polished look. You can also purchase extra ornaments and use them as place settings that your guests can take home with them.
Get Some Help from Mother Nature
Try using some pine cones or small twigs and branches to give your centerpiece a “winter wonderland” feel. You can spray paint the branches and pine cones white for a frosty appearance. Arrange them in a vase with some silver bells or colored ornaments, or place them on a tray with candles. You can also purchase a small wreath and lie it on your table with a candle or vase in the center.

The Classic Candelabra

If you’re pressed for time, don’t worry, an elegant gold or silver candelabra will make a classic centerpiece. Use white, red, or green candles, depending on your color scheme.

Wrap it Up!

We all associate the holidays with presents, so it’s likely that you’ll have some spare boxes and wrapping paper on hand! Put them to good use by creating a gift themed centerpiece. Wrap the boxes with the holiday wrapping paper of your choice and finish with ribbon. You can use one large gift as the centerpiece, or arrange a bunch of smaller gifts in a pile at the center of the table.
Try these tips to create your own homemade centerpiece. Having a festive centerpiece will help remind your guests what you’re celebrating this holiday season.

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