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Your car won’t function properly unless you put gas in its tank and, despite our best efforts to prove otherwise, we won’t function properly without a good night’s sleep. REM Sleep Solutions offers a line of products to help even the most restless tossers and turners achieve REM sleep and wake refreshed.
REM sleep plays a pivotal role in maintaining physical health and muscle function. When an individual achieves REM sleep, his or her blood flow to the brain decreases and redirects itself towards the muscles, which enables the body and mind to rest and recover. This is why those who spend more time in deep REM sleep are more refreshed and able to perform better throughout the day than those who spend the night tossing turning.
The REM Pillow, available for only $149, is a great product to try if you are still skeptical of the benefits of REM sleep. What I like most about the REM pillow is that it offers support in any sleep position. If you’re used to waking up with pain in your back or neck, the REM pillow can help! Its one piece construction ensures that your pillow will stay fluffy and supportive throughout the night while its aerated surface helps your body maintain an optimal temperature for REM sleep.
If you’re looking to get some rest and relaxation, check out REM Sleep Solutions!

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