Fun Ways to Decorate Your Home For The Fall Season!


5 Fall Decor Ideas

Fall is nothing if not atmospheric. Countless horror movies are set at this time of year, no better demonstrated than of the cold and imposing forests of The Blair Witch Project and The Village. There is a chill in the air overnight, frost on the ground in the morning, mist and fog in the air. Dry, dead leaves crunch beneath your feet and clouds appear when you breathe out. There is still a lingering warmth but always a constant reminder of the cold to come.
But, the best thing about the fall season is decorating your home with festive fall decorations! 
Decorate your home inside and outside with gourds, leaves, pumpkins, nuts and other seasonal materials for beautiful fall displays for your home! Here is a list of fun DIY decorations to spice up your home with festive fall colors. 

  1. Bell Jar

Squash, pumpkins and a twig of ginkgo leaves (inserted in a flower pick) on mounded moss command attention in this bell jar set atop a terra-cotta dish. Substitute a terrarium, large jar or even a glass cake cover, if desired. Arrange a few spillovers outside the glass for a touch of spontaneity. 

  1. Festive Candles 

Wrap glass votive holders in textural flair. Tie raffia around three or four overlapping moistened corn husks trimmed to fit. A spotted guinea fowl feather (available at crafts stores) adds a flourish. 

  1. Autumn Bouquet 

If your go-to autumn bouquet defaults to traditional offerings, shake it up with a less-expected blend of veggies, fruits, berries and widely varied flowers. Small gourds, cabbage heads and pears (secured to thin dowels) add surprising flair. 

  1. Autumn Lantern 

Turn wax paper and leaves into a pretty autumn lantern to use with a battery-powered votive! It’s a great way to add warm fall colors to your home. Who doesn’t  love to light a candle on a chilly fall day?
How To: 

  • Cut waxed paper into four 5×12 pieces, then fold in half to 5×6 pieces.
  • Put leaves (fresh, dried, faux or cut-out printed images) inside the folded waxed paper, then press with an iron on low heat to seal.
  • Tape the sides together with decorative tape to make a lantern and place a battery-operated votive inside. (Waxed paper can burn, so be sure to use only battery-operated candles.) 
  1. Leaf Bowls 

Faux leaves become pretty lightweight bowls that can be the centerpiece on your dining room table to add that cozy feeling of fall to your house. 
How To: 

  • Blow up a balloon (the larger the balloon, the larger your bowl will be) and rest in in a bowl.
  • Cover the top of the balloon and the top sides of leaves with decoupage medium.
  • Gently layer the leaves face down on the balloon, forming a bowlshape. Brush more decoupage medium on the backs of the leaves.
  • Let dry, then poke a hole in the balloon and discard balloon.   

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