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Kids love a fun playroom – filled with toys, colorful decorations and cute blankets. However, decorating their playroom can be a challenge. You want a design they won’t outgrow too quickly and something you can live with, too. Check out these designer spaces and see how to mix high style with pure fun.

  1. Teepee

Rustic decor is perfect for a playroom. Teepees are a fun way to increase their imagination. Maybe the’ll pretend to be John Smith from Pocahontas or pretend he’s a warrior fighting a battle. A lumber wall will add to this design and if they crash into the wall with their scooter they’re only adding to the patina!

  1. Add Some Bright Colors

Vibrant colors will add to their room. A playroom needs to be a happy place that creates a place to snuggle up with their favorite stuffed animals to relax while watching TV. Carpet tiles are also a brilliant choice for playrooms; if one gets stained, swap it with one in a less conspicuous part of the room.

  1. Secret Loft

If the bubble chair isn’t cool enough, this lucky girl can escape her younger siblings by climbing the ladder to her secret loft. Treasure chests, locked journals, coloring books and Nancy Drew books are all great decor and activities that will fit perfectly in her little hideaway.

  1. Finding Nemo is a Favorite!

What child doesn’t love Pixar’s Finding Nemo? It’s a classic Disney movie that encompasses bright colors and so many cool decorations to spruce up your child’s playroom / bedroom. It’s a very lucky kid that gets to snuggle up with Crush every night and then wake up to the bright and cheery faces of Dory and Nemo.

  1. Doll Tea Party 

What 4-year-old litter girl wouldn’t love to have playtime with her favorite American Girl dolls? This window box-laden playhouse has a Dutch door that allows for parental supervision and a little privacy for her. (Miss Pots loves it too.)

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