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Flea markets are great for finding vintage treasures and turning them into one-of-a-kind pieces for your home. It’s amazing what secondhand items, such as doilies, plates, furniture, and odds and ends, can become!

  1. Doily Artwork 

Flea Market
Dollies are a cheap decor idea that can be turned into pretty artwork. Put together various doilies in an organic pattern between two sheets of plexiglass, allowing the wall color to show through. Surround the plexiglass with a vintage frame to complete the look.

  1. Tiered Serving Tray

Purchase a few plates and goblets and you can easily make a tiered serving tray. Use glass adhesive to secure the bottom of a goblet to the underside of a dish and repeat with a second dish and goblet. When dry, stack the pieces on a third plate.
Note: You can prime, paint, and seal the plates with polyurethane if desired for a colorful look, but because the paint is not food-safe, use paper between food and dish surfaces.

  1. Coat Rack Using Yardsticks

Scoop up a handful of old yardsticks at flea markets or old antique stores to make a creative coatrack and shelf. To make this one, cut a piece of plywood the length of the shelf and about 10 inches wide, then cut and attached yardstick pieces to it using wood glue, staggering the bottom edges. After clamping and letting dry, secure the coat hooks to the board and screw the shelf on top of the board. 

  1. Crate Nightstand 

You can create a vintage-looking nightstand with discarded crates. Cut a piece of MDF to the desired size (it should be a little wider than the width of the two crates) and mount a set of casters to the bottom. Nail two crates into the top of the MDF. Place two more crates on top of the first pair and secure together with nails. Top the crates with another piece of MDF cut to size and secure it in place with nails.

  1. Scarf Artwork 

You may not have thought of using scarfs to create pretty artwork in your living room, but it’s a great way to add a unique decorative image to your home. Reimagine textiles as wall art by placing scarves inside picture frames. Display coordinating patterns together for an entire gallery of artistic neck ware.


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