Christmas Decorating Ideas For This Holiday Season


Five Creative Ways to Add Holiday Decor to Your Home

The Christmas season is right around the corner, so it’s time to add some cheerful holiday decor to your home. Add festive touches with these creative DIY Christmas decorations that you can put together in no time without breaking your budget! 

  1. Snowflakes Galore!

Use a washable-paint marker to add fluttery flakes to a mirror. Festive stockings and a tassel basket hold plenty of goodies.
What you’ll need

  • Paint pen ($9, amazon.com)
  • Pine garland ($20, target.com), stockings ($13 each, target.com)
  • Basket ($98, crateandbarrel.com)
  1. Add Ribbons to your Stairs

Line a banister with a fresh pine garland and crimson bows. Better yet, stir up some paint in a dramatic hue for a merry makeover you’ll love even after the holidays.
What you’ll need

  • Ribbon ($23, amazon.com)
  1. Tree Skirt

You don’t even have pull out the sewing machine for this easy technique. Just fold and snip craft store felt for a quick scalloped cover.
What you’ll need: 

  • Felt ($16 for 2 yards, amazon.com)
  • Scissors ($8, amazon.com)
  1. Starry Skys

A mix of paper, metal and wood stars in various sizes and shapes hung with twine acts as a three-dimensional gallery wall. You can leave it up all winter!
What you’ll need:

  • Paper star lantern ($15, amazon.com)
  • Twine ($6, amazon.com)
  1. Gift Bookshelf 

Too many gifts under the tree — or no tree at all? Use a bookshelf! To unify the look, wrap with kraft paper and add black, white and silver accents.
What you’ll need

  • Kraft paper ($18, amazon.com)
  • Striped ribbon ($14, amazon.com)

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