Post-Holiday Winter Decor Ideas


Five Ways to Spruce up Your Home in the Winter

Winter seems to drag on forever in New England. The drab and dreary winter conditions can leave you feeling down in the dumps. After the Christmas tree and lights are put away for the year, try these warm and cozy winter decor ideas to brighten your home. 

  1. Arctic Animals

Winter Decor

Summer-time always calls for tropical and flowery decor and maybe even adding some pink flamingos on your lawn. In winter, try adding cold-climate animals to your decor like snow owls, penguins and polar bears. It doesn’t have to an exact replica of the animal, a swatch of faux white fur, antlers or dark feathers will work just fine. 
  1. Change Your Lightbulbs

winter decor
Switch to lightbulbs that emit blue or white light because they are the closest to mimicking sunlight. Dawn simulator lights are great anytime of the year, but are especially helpful on cold, dark winter mornings. The bulbs gradually get brighter within a half-hour that will gently wake you up and simulate the rising sun. 

  1. Mix up the Colors

It’s always a good idea to combine soft colors with metals because it will emit a beautiful glow to your home. Sprinkle in some natural elements like birch bark, pinecones or dried flowers. Terra-cotta pots painted in metallic colors and glitter highlights on pine cones supply reflective surfaces, while candles and lanterns provide a warm glow to make them shine.

  1. Winter Tulips

For a centerpiece or windowsill, up-cycle glass jars into vases by frosting the glass. Then fill the jars with greens, white tulips or any kind of white flower you want to choose and add some red berries as a final touch.

  1. Mirrors to Add Light

Adding mirrors is another quick way to get more light into your space. Try hanging a wall mirror behind a lamp so it will help reflex light or hang a collection of small mirrors on a wall opposite windows. 

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