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As time has gone by, I’ve wondered why we as home owners, couldn’t benefit from some kind of solar technology at our homes without having to put it on our roofs and worry about all kinds of potential structural and other issues (like the new buyers will not like them!). So I gathered our team at renewz, and started brainstorming many of the features we’d want if designing a shelter/canopy for use around our homes, instead of on top of them. Questions soon arose about people who had garages, lived in municipalities that don’t allow structures, power produced, etc…, and so began the work back in 2015 to develop the iSun Oasis.

So we went back into our days of developing solar consumer goods and emphasized to our development teams that it wasn’t only about “watts”, yet more about “watt for”. We wanted to create something unique, practical, fun and sleek. Some of these features Tesla has incorporated into their solar power tiles, yet we wanted to create an eco-system that anyone could benefit from, not only those ready to do a complete roof replacement or place solar panels on their roof. We wanted a product that could enhance the use of your home, its value, protect the environment, and in fact deliver a host of benefits to any family. We even re-ignited the iSun brand, which I had originally registered back in 1999, before iPad, iPod, or iPhone ever came to the market.
The resulting product and platform combine the best of American solar technology, easy to use software and a host of other features to further enhance the value proposition. From mobile app controlled smart, connected lighting and EV chargers, to simple touches like plant holders and power outlets for your favorite devices like cell phones. And while we’re at it, why not tell you the pollen count, UV ray strength or air quality at your home, so that you can understand how your actions can help the quality of the environment you and your family live in. Obviously, each will decide where they want to place it, and with an online configurator, determine which accessories or options they want.  Some will be able to use it as a carport, some as a gazebo, some as a patio-cover.
iSun Oasis
Whatever your use, iSun Oasis will shelter you, your family and your prized land beautifully, while producing clean solar power each and every day. Even the curve of the roof was designed to capture sunlight no matter the layout of your driveway, patio or garden, while allowing rain or snow to slide off the sides. While you configure your iSun Oasis online, you’ll see lifetime energy savings, grants and incentives in your zip code and even suggested finance options.
From an aesthetic perspective, the product had to complement many different home styles found in New England and other areas. Practically, it had to do things that enhanced your life with it. Little touches like color and placement of lighting, the mobile app that allows you to see everything from power produced to how much pollen is in the air where you are, should help accomplish that goal. And as important, our platform helps you in your quest to augment how much solar energy you use for your electric vehicle charging (ok, perhaps it’s the EV you’ll “one day” own.)
Now, in case you already have an electric vehicle, though the power doesn’t go directly into your car, your power is  hooked up directly to your house, so you can always benefit by offsetting your meter! Imagine, even in Massachusetts, you’ll get about 30 miles per day of free solar energy driving.  How’s that for beating the pump!  Now in the case that your power isn’t going to recharge your electric car, it’s instead, powering your air conditioner, fridge, lighting or anything connected to your home electrical panel. The power is therefore never wasted.
For early birds, the beautiful iSun Oasis (because what else should your home be other than an “oasis”) comes with a 25% rebate. Quantities are limited, so don’t miss out!
Federal and state grants and incentives of 40% could bring your total rebate to 65%.  With the possibility of home or lease financing, you really have a great chance to get a beautiful shading system that will improve with time, enhance life around the house, pay for itself and then give you energy savings for years beyond…and even move with you should you decide to take it on your journey to another home.
Act quickly: Sign up at isunenergy.com for a chance at the exclusive 25% cash back offer on the 1st day of the worldwide launch at the New England Home Show, online and at our kiosk. Come see us at the show!

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